Data Integration from multiple sources 

Modern enterprises from different industries often face the need of process data acquisition for further visualization, calculations, reporting, etc. 

The main problem that can happen is that all the data are processed by multiple systems or stored in some files as well as could be managed manually. 

IT-solutions by TT-AS can easily solve such problem by using modern technologies in data transfer from such system as DCS, SCADA, PLC Controllers and others. 

Manual Data entering and exporting files are also available. 

Moreover, the solutions can be integrated with other external systems. 

Our system allows an organization to easily access and analyze data from a single place. Business and IT users can quickly and easily blend multiple data-sources including big data sources. 

From personal spreadsheets to cloud sources, to even HDFS, big data access is made quick and easy with native HDFS connectors or via hive products including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Spark and more.

Out of the box GIS integration technology allows informed business decision making due to its ability to capture, analyze, and present business intelligence data that is linked to location. 

GIS integration lets you visualize your data on maps, so you can identify and analyze relationships, patterns, and trends in your data. 

Enterprise Data Server

EDS is a system which main task is to collect live process data from the control system and view this data for analysts and executives. The system presents information in the form of process diagrams, trends and reports in the convenient and intuitive user interface of EDS Terminal application. Collected data can be interactively displayed and analyzed in real-time at desktop computers and also using mobile devices from any location in the world. 

  • Comprehensive platform for live data, archival data, data integration, remote visualization of process graphics, trends and alarms 
  • Integrated view of multiple systems and sites at authorized desktop computers 
  • Calculation server and reporting system with execution scheduler 
  • Data gathering from multiple data sources to a centralized data server for live and local archival and forwarding to the EDS thin and thick clients 
  • High availability options including clustering and server virtualization 
  • Scalable up to 1,200,000 process points in clustered arrays 
  • Integration with MS Excel 

More about EDS 

A real time view of archival data on your process diagram displays. 

Our new Data Replay plugin for EDS Terminal client application enables you to visualize the history of all process diagrams. Instead of browsing huge amounts of raw data on multiple spreadsheets or scrolling through graphical trends why not just see for your own eyes the changes in the specific process that you want to see? Now, thanks to the Data Replay plugin, it is possible at the push of a button. And if you don’t have a diagram display ready, just simply create one using the EDS Graphics Builder application for your own use in the future. 

Data Replay is the ultimate data visualization tool because it simply merges every type of display: 

  • Numeric data representation 
  • Graphical trends 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) 

Data Replay has fully customizable and intuitive features similar to any video player: 

  • Pause and play 
  • Skipping forward and backwards 
  • Replay speed 
  • And many more 

So don’t waste your precious time and take advantage of Data Replay plugin. – Read more (link to EDS) 

Data validation 

The goal of balancing system is to validate the metering values and setting most reasonable metering values for which uncertainty is high or measurement does not exist. Application of the Balancing tool is based on calculating the correction of all measurements, which allows for closing the balances of mass and energy within the whole system, and that, as a result, solves the problem of mass being unbalanced for particular equipment and for the system as a whole. Each measurement has its quality, what means that there is always an uncertainty of this measurement. Mass and energy balance in a CHP plant composes of hundreds of measurements, each measurement has high or low quality. It is standard that calculating mass and energy balance in certain timestamp there is always an imbalance in the 

measurements. The system provides such correction to measurements to have zero imbalance in mass and energy balancing. Correction for high quality measurements is lower than correction of low quality measurements. 

Data validation system can work by providing calculation results directly to real time data management system and indirectly to DCS systems. The current process state is gathered from data management and thanks to it, when combined with mathematical model of said process, designates new and balanced values of measurement values and calculated non-measurement values 


IT Monitoring  

IT network monitoring by using SNMP protocols. The IT monitoring solution is built on a standard EDS WebPortal application which provides customization multi-level dashboard pages. 

Portal layout provides clear navigation from a top-level overview page covering power plant through Unit – oriented overview pages down to detailed pages dedicated to hosts / devices. Visualization plugins are designed to provide information at different detail levels depending on the page they are embedded into. 

The IT monitoring module is based on the following components: 

  • Data Interfaces 
    • SNMP scanner – polls data from SNMP agents 
    • SNMP agent – provides SNMP interface to windows and Linux OS 
    • WMI-SNMP extension – exposes WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) counters over SNMP protocol for EDS SNMP agent 
  • Data collection and processing 
    • Standard EDS server integrates and stores collected SNMP variables 
    • Calculation, reporting and alarming servers  provide processing capabilities 
  • Data visualization 
    • Based on standard WebPortal 
    • Dashboard pages built with specialized visualization and status indication plug-ins 
  • Alarm notification service 
    • Active alarms can be forwarded to groups of users by email 
    • Alarms may come from multiple sources 

Asset management

A solution for a unified repository of models based on assets, asset hierarchies, equipment, spare parts, objects that can be combined into a logical structure mimicking real-life enterprise relationships. The representation is consistent and the structure is built around measurement points in the stream of data, allowing for maximum transparency and easy recognition of problem or improvement-ready areas.

All the elements are integrated, placed within context, open to further analysis via dedicated applications that use operational data and equipment details gathered from multiple sources. The information stemming from a range of sources is consolidated to turn raw disparate data into actionable information with appropriate correlations in plain sight.


Asset hierarchy solution offers functionalities such as:

  • integrating divergent sources of data, e.g. data from meters, spare parts, whole plants
  • combining asset data, e.g. environmental condition, maintenance data, documents (ERP), data from Laboratory Information Management System, external information into a digital copy of the physical asset
  • empowering users to monitor asset operating state with live and historical trends
  • integrating peripheral information from external sources (weather data, CAD data, emissions, plant-level KPIs)
  • elements that can be included into asset hierarchy range from a whole enterprise with several sites to single sensors, with everything in between – forming a modular digital copy of the whole process
  • merging live and historical data with context from internal and external sources and analytical tools to provide you with the whole picture
  • enabling comprehensive operational data to improve real-time operations and elevate performance


  • Actionable information out of operational data viewed within right real-life context with visualization tools, user dashboards, and KPI monitoring. Exposing enriched data from assets to analytics and business intelligence modules to process the information more deeply.
  • Reduction of costs and downtimes and improved productivity due to better asset management. Tracking asset changes for auditing purposes.
  • Data being exposed to analytical and BI modules so that the contextualized data can be used to enrich the insight. Real-time and historical data can be filtered and drilled-down dynamically, compared, analyzed, and turned into graphics, trends, or reports.
  • User proprietorship supported – profiles and customization, permission management, user groups and access levels.

Document Management System

An end-to-end modern and flexible solution for shared document repository and project management tool – document control and management for creating, importing, exporting, managing, versioning, searching, sharing, and organizing documents.

Repository of documents of any size and type that can be accessed via a web browser or mobile device. Files and pages can be shared, accessed, and edited by multiple users at the same time, with changes being tracked and logged providing transparent versioning for user and audit needs.

Multiple authorization and access levels with files and subpages inheriting access privileges from pages to which they are assigned, automatically.

Supports intuitive user interface with functionalities such as drag, drop, open from and within application, desktop, and web browser.

Enterprise collaboration system using top-notch agile development methods and applying newest task management trends such as Kanban boards.

Our DMS approach is not only document or file centered, allowing not only for uploading, downloading, organizing and managing documentation, but also featuring functionalities such as editing and sharing content (online), automatic versioning, discussing and turning documents into tasks.

Blueprints and templates along with inbuilt rich text editor with attachment drag and drop, deep MS Office integration, keyboard shortcut, rich content embedding – including various files, images, videos, etc. provide the possibility not only to store and manage documentation, but to create it directly within the solution, with advanced tools that are not worse than any modern text editing software.

Advanced security solutions with granular permission controls for three levels of content access (global, space, individual pages) and with user profiles that are password-protected.