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Transition Technologies - Advanced Solutions
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About us
Transition Technologies – Advanced Solutions is a young and dynamic Polish company belonging to the Transition Technologies Capital Group. It was created to bridge the space between what happens in your industry – technological processes – with their core objective – generating higher income, whilst minimizing costs and meeting constraints wherever possible.

We specialize in making the operations of your business or industry easier and most effective.

From process monitoring and optimization, through data management, up until simply making sure you stay informed wherever you are, while your enterprise is seamlessly working for you – we got you covered.

Our strength lies with not relying on off-the-shelf products but instead on solutions tailored by our team to your individual needs and requirements, providing you with the most efficient and cost-optimal answer.

We are proud to belong to one of the leading industrial IT companies in Poland, delivering top-notch solutions for over 25 years.

Our solutions

Modern enterprises from different industries often face the need of process data acquisition for further meaningful action: visualization, calculations, reporting, invoicing, analysis. We are experts in solving issues where data are processed by multiple systems, stored in files, or handled manually, allowing you to gain insight into true operation of your enterprise. Please explore our solutions for data acquisition, integration, validation with focus on cybersecurity and notifying any anomalies, as well as exporting information for further meaningful action, further:

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We understand that your enterprise’s data is your profit. For over a decade, we protect industrial networks, to guarantee safe access to and management of production data. We are experts in IT/OT integration through data diodes that ensure security against 100% of attacks through the network. OT network can be safely monitored from the IT level thanks to centralization of processing logs and events from separated OT networks. We also ensure that the industrial IoT is secure, as we offer tools to eliminate risks of connecting to cloud platforms for data processing. To protect your data,

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Information is the most powerful tool to be employed while making your business more efficient. We provide you with tools to use data in more meaningful and actionable way. From performance calculations, through advanced process optimization, laboratory information, fuel, or emission management, to business intelligence and billing, we offer seamless integration and transition from the process itself to your headquarters office. To learn how can you turn your data into profitable secure action, please explore:

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Where information is key, time is money. We help you understand what is happening on each hierarchical level of your entire enterprise, at a glance. Just one look at dedicated trends, diagrams, reports, maps, and dashboards, whether on site or anywhere else, through web browsers, workstations, mobile devices, or even smartwatches, makes you and your staff aware of the situation of the assets, regardless of where they are located. To avoid confusion, you see what you need to see, in the most appealing form – and get notified immediately whenever events of anomalies occur. Make the best of your data:

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